Are the products in stock?

Products' availability is indicated in green on each product page. There are 3 situations:

In stock. Shipped within 24 hours’: The product is in stock and can be sent the same day or the day after your order has been placed.

Shipped within X to Y days’: The product is not available in stock but it is currently being restocked or it can easily be restocked by our suppliers. The delay is indicated in working days and will be longer or shorter depending on the products. This is due to our suppliers’ ability to ship us more or less quickly.

´This product is not in stock. Restocked approximately under 1 month’: The product cannot be ordered, it is currently out of stock. The 1 month delay is an approximation. The product can be restocked earlier, but it is also possible that there is no restocking expected for several months. Do not hesitate to contact us, indicating the product reference that you are interested in, to receive more detailed information.


Warning: If you order different items with each of the above mentioned possibilities, your order will only be shipped when all products are actually available in stock. The delay before shipping will therefore correspond to the latest delay among the different ones.

It is possible, in some rare cases, that another customer ordered the last available copy of a product in stock, minutes before you order it and that the availability has not been updated in the meantime. There is a risk of having a longer delay than expected on the process of your order, as we need to resupply the product. We kindly apologize for the inconvenient and the trouble that this may cause you.


We remind you that the indicated delays correspond to the delay before shipping and not to the total delivery delay. In fact, the total delivery delays will both depend on availability and the shipping method that you will choose.


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