How do I place an order? How do I add products to my cart?

To place an order, you must first add the items you would wish to buy to your cart.

Just click on the Add to Cart button under the items’ image or on its corresponding page.

Each time you add an item to your cart, you will be able to 'Check Out' or to keep adding items to your cart.


Once your cart is filled, click on the cart icon to the top right corner on the website, to access your items summary and checkout in 5 steps.


1st Step: Summary

The products you have selected are listed as well as their quantity and the estimate delay before shipping.


You can modify the quantities as you wish and also delete items if needed.

You can also enter one or more vouchers that you have (and if they can be combined).


2nd step: Connection

Log into your customer account with your email and password, create a new account or create a guest account (not recommended)

If you were already connected during shopping, you would be redirected to the third step.


3rd step: Address

Check your delivery and billing address. You can change your delivery address if you have registered several addresses in your account or add a new one at that moment.


4th step: Shipping

Choose the shipping option you prefer. It can also be free of charge if your order exceeds certain amount or if you have entered a free delivery voucher.


The estimate delivery dates are shown below to the right. These are given on an indicative basis according to the delays remarked regularly and these are subject to change, especially during the holidays.


Below on the website, you can choose the option of gift paper wrapping for your order.


5th step: Payment

Check one last time the details of your order and choose one of the payment methods at your disposal.


The order will be validated upon payment reception. If you have any doubt or if an error were to occur during payment, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Please keep in mind that the treatment of your order will be longer in the event of a payment by bankwire, and that some of the items of your order may no longer be available when the order is validated. You will receive an email upon payment reception to confirm the validation of your order.



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