Are the products in stock? 🚦

Products' availability is indicated in green on each product page. The products exist under three different statuses:

- In stock: shipment will be made in 2 business days. The products are physically available in our stock in Normandy (France).
- Available: shipped in between X and X business days after the moment the order is done. The products are not physically available in our stock in Normandy thus we are waiting for our supplier to deliver them to us. Time of shipment may vary according to every supplier.
- Not available: These products are currently out of stock and cannot be order in the mean time.

⚠️ WARNING ⚠️:
Your order may include items with different statuses. Your order will be shipped away only when we have all of your order’s items at our disposal. Therefore, the order’s shipping time will correspond to the latest among the different ones in your order.

It is possible, in some rare cases, that another customer has just ordered the last available copy of an item just a couple of minutes ago before you ordered it too. Due to the orders’ overlap, the availability status of an item might not directly update, thus resulting in a longer shipping-time compared to the one expected while proceeding to your check-out, as we need to make resupply now. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and trouble that this may cause to you.


We remind you that the indicated shipping-times correspond to the process time before shipping the items away, not to the total shipping and delivery time. In fact, the delivery will depend on both availability and shipping method you choose.


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